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Camping Rusałka is beautifully situated on the lake Święcajty, one of the parts of the lake Mamry, with a long coastline, just 25 km from Giżycko and 4 km from Węgorzewo.

The sorroundings of the camping Rusałka have wunderful natural conditions: clear air and water as well as a variety of post-glacial landscape (hilly terrain, abundance of forests and lakes).
These are perfect conditions for practising of water sports (sailing, windsurfing, fishing).

There are many unique and interesting places near here that are really worthseeing.
You can go to the Holy Lipka - "Polish baroque pearls", Gierłoż where is the Wolf's Lair, Rapa where you can find an old pyramid or Stańczyki with a huge bridges.

One of the interesting sights in the area is also a palace Lehndorff from the seventeenth century in Sztynort, rebuilt in the nineteenth century in neo-gothic style. The palace is surrounded by a park with a regular pattern avenue of 160 oaks.


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